If you want to add some pizzazz to your upcoming party or event that is sure to dazzle and wow your crowd, incorporate a cold spark machine.

There’s something extraordinary about fireworks and other pyrotechnic displays. But, because of their nature, these displays are too dangerous for most situations — not to mention too loud! For that very reason, cold sparks were invented — a revolutionary special effect machine that looks exactly like a classic pyrotechnic display, without any of the dangers associated with typical fireworks.

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What is a Cold Spark Machine?

The term “cold sparks” sounds a bit like an oxymoron. You may be wondering, “How can sparks be cold? How does this machine work?” Well, cold spark machines are still fairly new. They were only introduced to the market a few years ago, and the science behind them and how they work is quite interesting.

While firework and pyrotechnic displays are beautiful and exciting, they require combustion and extreme levels of heat to operate, making them incredibly dangerous. The fire hazards, carcinogenic particles they expel into the air, and loud bangs and booms make them too high a risk to use. So, the cold spark machine was created.

This machine, also called a cold spark effect or cold sparkler fountain, is a safe-to-use spark machine that emits a cold-to-the-touch fountain of sparks, which will not cause nearby items to burn or catch on fire. This machine does not feature any pyrotechnics but instead offers a safe, simulated pyrotechnic show.

How Does the Cold Spark Machine Work?

To use the machine, zirconium and titanium grains are loaded into a small rectangular interlocking system within the machine and are heated to 62° Fahrenheit, which creates the sparks you see. Each 200-gram package contains enough granules for about ten minutes of firing time, in 90-second increments, and a period for it to cool down. Unlike traditional pyrotechnic displays, you do not need to reload the device after a single shot.

The composite creates cold sparks that are much cooler than fireworks. In fact, they are cooler than normal body temperature, making them an incredibly safe option for your events, concerts, or parties. For example, the handheld sparklers that we give our children during the 4th of July festivities burn at a temperature of more than 1,200° Fahrenheit. Cold Spark Machines, however, run at a temperature of 62° Fahrenheit, making them safe enough to touch your skin or a piece of paper without the possibility of burning. The low temperature of these sparks and the absence of smoke or smell make these cold fireworks ideal for indoor (and outdoor) events.

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