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Dos and Don’ts of Cold Spark Machines

Cold Spark Machine FAQs

Incorporate several exciting cold spark machines if you want to give your events, gatherings, and parties some memorable oomph! 

A cold spark machine — also called a cold spark effect or cold sparkler fountain — is a safe-to-use spark machine that puts out a beautiful, cold-to-the-touch fountain of sparks. These sparks will not cause nearby items to burn or catch on fire. This machine does not feature any pyrotechnics but instead offers a way for you and your guests to enjoy a safe, simulated pyrotechnic show.

Want to make sure you are using these spark machines safely and correctly? Continue reading to learn more about their dos and don’ts.

The Dos and Don’ts of Using Cold Spark Machines at Your Events

DO Use Them In Place of Fireworks and Other Pyrotechnic Displays — Firework shows and other pyrotechnic displays are beautiful and captivating. However, they require intense levels of combustion and heat to work, making them exceptionally dangerous. 

Between the carcinogenic particles they put into the air, extreme fire hazards, and tremendously loud booms and bangs, many party hosts decide that fireworks are just too risky to use at their events. 

For this very reason, cold spark machines were made. These evolutionary special effect machines are an excellent way to achieve a classic pyrotechnics display without any associated risks.

These spark machines are not dangerous because they are cool to the touch, making them safer than fireworks and other pyrotechnic exhibits. Spark machines pose virtually no danger or risk to the operator or anyone standing close.

DO Use Them for Inside and Outside Events — The absence of smoke and smell, coupled with the shockingly low temperature of the sparks, make these machines ideal and safe for both indoor and outdoor gatherings.

DON’T Worry About Burns — The sparks from these machines are cooler than the average body temperature, making them an incredibly safe option for your get-togethers. So, there’s no need to worry about your guests or attendees getting burned.

To illustrate just how cool these sparks are, the sparks from these machines run at a low temperature of 62° Fahrenheit. At the same time, the sparklers that we — including our kids — use during July 4th celebrations burn hotter than 1,200° Fahrenheit. 

This means you could hold up a piece of paper to a cold spark machine, and it would not catch on fire. Moreover, you could hold up your hand to it without the possibility of getting burned. 

DO Use Them For All of Your Events — Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, graduation, or marriage, or are hosting a meeting or concert, a cold spark machine or two can really take your event to the next level. Here are five of our favorite ways to use spark machines at special gatherings:

  • During a Dance Party — Most wedding receptions, birthday parties, and other celebratory gatherings have a dance party. Whether you have a DJ managing the music or a live band playing music, a few spark machines will add the excitement and liveliness you want to achieve for your guests and attendees. They will have a wonderful time and always remember the epic event you threw together.
  • Grand Entrance — Making a memorable entrance at your venue is a must, whether you are the keynote speaker at a big meeting, the guest of honor, an electrifying band, or a happy newlywed couple! Several well-placed spark machines will give you that grand entrance you hope to achieve.
  • Picture Perfect — It does not matter the kind of event you are hosting; taking photographs is a must. And we’re not certain there’s a better, more memorable way to make your pictures perfect than to include a cold spark machine in them. 
  • Effective Presentation — If you are presenting in front of a large crowd and are hoping to make an exciting and unforgettable impact, using some sparkler machines will help you achieve the impressive effect you want.
  • Stunning Wedding Send-Off — Many newlyweds want a dramatic and picture-perfect exit, a departure that is unique, striking, and unforgettable. That’s why many newlywed couples utilize spark machines during their exit for an epic send-off.
    Using a handful of well-placed machines will give you that memorable, picturesque send-off you and your new spouse have always hoped for without having to stress about the massive burn and fire hazards of sparklers!
    Just think of the marvelous pictures and videos your photographer and videographer will be able to capture as the two of you leave at the end of your special day!

DON’T Be Overwhelmed With Them — There’s no need to be overwhelmed by these machines. Using them is simple! They are easy to control and program; you can adjust the size, timing, and height of their thrilling and mesmerizing pyrotechnic-like effects with ease.

DO Get Your Cold Spark Machines for Your Party or Event From Legacy Productions

Adding some cold spark machines from Legacy Productions will elevate your event, making it exciting and unforgettable. Our spark machines will take your gathering to the next level, resulting in a memorable experience for you and your guests. Our machines are safe for indoor and outdoor events without using dangerous flames. 

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