If you’re ready to add some pizzazz to your events and parties, make sure to incorporate a cold spark machine! 

Fireworks and other pyrotechnic displays are undoubtedly extraordinary. They’re beautiful and exciting, and they quickly elevate your event to the next level. Unfortunately, these displays are often too dangerous — and too loud — for most situations because of their nature. 

Thus, cold spark machines were born. These evolutionary special effect machines are an excellent way to achieve a classic pyrotechnics display without any associated risks.

Do you have questions about cold spark machines? Continue reading to learn more.

Q: What is a Cold Spark Machine?

A:  Cold spark machines, also called cold spark effects or cold sparkler fountains, are safe-to-use spark machines that emit a fountain of cold-to-the-touch sparks, which will not cause nearby items to catch on fire or burn. This machine does not use any pyrotechnics but, alternately, offers a safe, simulated pyrotechnic display.

Q: How Does the Cold Spark Machine Function?

A: Cold spark machines work by loading zirconium and titanium grains into a small rectangular interlocking system that lives inside the machine. These grains are heated to a low temperature of 62° Fahrenheit, creating the sparks you see. 

Each 200-gram package contains enough granules to fire for about ten minutes in 90-second increments, along with a cooling down period. Unlike traditional pyrotechnic displays, you do not need to reload the device after a single shot. Though cold spark machines pose virtually no risk at all, there is a precautionary just-in-case-of-an-emergency shutoff feature. 

Q: Are Cold Spark Machines Easy to Use?

A: Yes! They are easy to program and control; you can adjust the height, size, and timing of the exciting and beautiful pyrotechnic-like effects they offer.

Q: Why is a Cold Spark Machine a Better Option Than Fireworks?

A: Firework shows and pyrotechnic displays are both awesome and thrilling. However, they require intense levels of heat and combustion to operate, making them highly dangerous. 

Between the extreme fire hazards, carcinogenic particles they release into the air, and shockingly loud noises, fireworks are just too risky to use at most events and parties. For this exact reason, cold spark machines were created.

Q: How Cold Are the Sparks from a Cold Spark Machine?

A: The old sparks that come from cold spark machines are cooler than normal body temperature, making them an extremely safe option for your events, parties, and concerts.

 For example, the handheld sparklers that we use during the 4th of July celebrations burn hotter than 1,200° Fahrenheit, while the sparks from cold spark machines run at a temperature of 62° Fahrenheit. 

This means they are safe enough to touch a piece of paper or even your skin without the possibility of burning. The surprisingly low temperature of these sparks and the absence of smell and smoke make these cold displays ideal for indoor (and outdoor) events.

Q: Is a Cold Spark Machine Safer Than a Pyrotechnic Show and Firework Display?

A: Yes! Cold spark machines are not dangerous, making them safer than fireworks and other pyrotechnic displays. Cold spark machines pose virtually no risk or danger to the operator or anyone standing close at all. These machines only produce sparks that are 100% safe, cold to the touch, and non-flammable.

Q: What Are Some Ways to Use a Cold Spark Machine at an Event?

A: There are many ways to use cold spark machines at your gathering. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Q: Can a Cold Spark Machine Be Used Inside?

A: Yes! Cold spark systems only produce sparks that are entirely safe for indoor and outdoor events. 

Q: Where is the Best Place to Rent a Cold Spark Machine?

A: The answer is simple: Legacy Productions!

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